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  • Bubble saves user data and allows users to go back in time.
  •  to a web-scale enterprise without making technological changes by allocating more server resources as your user base expands.
  •  internationally for fast local access worldwide using Cloudflare CDN. With special plans, we can provide international hospitality.
  • With free automatic SSL certificates for all Bubble websites, you can keep your colleagues and users safe and secure.Invite colleagues to collaborate with you on your app, with permissions and access privileges you can customize.See what your colleagues are changing in real time to work together or avoid stepping on each other’s toes.With one click, you can publish your own API and let your customers and partners interact with you.
  • Set meta tags, customize URL content and titles, and create sitemaps to control how Google displays your website in search results.Make sound judgments. With their comprehensive dashboards, you can monitor the number of visits and process runs, as well as see which parts of your program are used the most.

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AppGyver is a simple application development tool that converts online data into an Android app in a few easy steps. If you have an idea and want to turn it into a company without sacrificing a lot of money, you can use the services provided by this app development software.

AppGyver Composer is the next generation of mobile platforms, allowing businesses to quickly build capable apps that enable data collection in the field simple – even in places with poor connectivity. To offer exceptional automation to your forms, Composer’s fast app build cycle combines drag-and-drop form generation with visual logic.

You can connect any physical backend system to AppGyver’s visual transformation engine. AppGyver is the platform that allows you to do all this without having to deal with complex . You can make internal apps for mobile forms, data collection, and even anagement.

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All this is possible with AppGyver’s Composer Pro, the world’s first professional platform for creating code-free applic Mobile List ations across all platforms. You can build custom front-end applications, standalone apps, and line-of-business (LoB) extensions side-by-side. In a no-code space, Appgyver is a formidable competitor.

This platform, which can create. Both web and mobile apps, is popular among marketers. Who want to have a strong digital presence across multiple. Devices. Since appgyver works in both android and. Ios environments, you can develop an unlimited. Number of products for your users to consume your. Stuff – tablets, phones, computers, and so on.

  • Using a visual development environment, create enterprise-grade apps without writing any code.
  • Use a large collection of customizable components to speed up the design process.
  • Clever theme patterns and reuse will save you time.
  • With the option to see results in real time, you can make changes faster.
  • The REST integration wizard is included with the Composer Pro. It can quickly integrate any API into your application. Not only that, but the lack of APIs will not be a problem for you as there are a large number of pre-built APIs in the AppGyver marketplace. So, all you have to do now is enter your API key and you’re ready to go.
  • It includes over 500 basic building blocks for every element of a program, allowing you to quickly create new components and share them with others.
  • You can simply drag and drop the functions onto a canvas instead of writing code and learning the syntax.
  • Combine hundreds of data transformation functions with relevant data including device and system information, GPS coordinates, sensor values, data attributes, and application status.

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