Elevate Your Product IQ

I began to think about the idea that Elevate Your today has become Write it . What is Write It. Escribelo is an editorial assistant with Artificial. Intelligence (AI) that quickly generates quality content in. Spanish . But, let’s see Anas, what are you telling me? Well, let me quickly show you at a glance what Write It is and how it works. How can I start generating content with Escribelo’s artificial intelligence. Well, it really is quite simple. You will only have to carry out a 3 simple step process that. Does not require any technical or messy configuration. What’s more, since we wanted to simplify it as much as possible. My team and I have managed to integrate. Write It directly into Google. Docs so that you don’t have to get used to and master. New complex panels that you didn’t know before.

Clear objective of the Elevate Your content that we are going to create

The steps are the following: First step to industry email list create an article with. AI The first thing you should do before starting to create content is your. Keyword analysis (keyword research), understand the user’s search intention and have defined a clear. Objective of the content that we are going to create. I’ll show you with a practical example: Let’s imagine that we want to create content titled “How to unsubscribe from SEMRush” to present SEMscraper (a tool that I invented) as an alternative SEO Software to those people who have not had a good experience using SEMRush or perhaps because of its prices, etc Second step to create our article.

Once this is done we click on the generate button

We choose a functionality, such as “Introductory paragraph to Mobile List an article” and we fill in the context data that the tool asks us to create unique, readable and quality content in the Spanish language (or in the future the one that we let’s choose). Once this is done, we click on the generate button and we begin to build our article as if it were a Lego game. Once the content is generated, it is where a human interacts to fix anything and see that the content is perfect. Third step to create a castle website Once we have our article, we will simply analyze it, correct it and publish it. This has been the article that we have created in 5 minutes using Write it for the keyword “How to unsubscribe from SEMRush”.

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