Encouraging The Desired Action

In the digital age, consumers have more information than ever before.

If there’s one thing you can use to rule out information overload, it’s the power of visuals.

What we see can greatly influence how we act. Packaging colors, shapes, printed information, fonts, materials and designs are just a few of the elements that directly influence consumer buying behavior.

Therefore, in choosing your packaging, be sure to consider the elements that will encourage consumers to buy and remember your product.

eCommerce and online marketplaces are largely defined by competition. Add to that consumers who are always under time pressure, it is your packaging that attracts them to your product or keeps them away.[ * ]

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Why packaging is important in branding
The previous topic touched on why packaging is important in branding. Here, let’s dive deeper into how your packaging can build a stronger foundation for your branding.

Building a brand narrative

Compared to traditional commerce, eCommerce has no physical encounters making it difficult to build connections and build trust with your target market – unless you know how to tell a good brand story.

A good brand narrative can evoke positive emotions that can build connection and build authenticity in your audience.

Your packaging is a great tool for whatsapp mobile number list sharing your brand narrative.Source: Laneige x Miason Katsune

Custom packaging, for example, allows you to personalize and speak directly to your customers. Using eco-friendly materials tells your customers that you care about the environment.

Government regulatory information

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Be careful though. While it’s tempting to cram everything into your packaging for the sake of transparency, details should be concise, concise, and organized.

Create a packaging design that will grab their attention and let your copy do the talking. This will put your product at an advantage.

Stand out from competitors
What makes packaging so important is because in a competition, it’s all about the first impression. And generic packaging just isn’t going to cut it.

This is especially important if you are launching a new product in the market. As previously mentioned, it is your packaging that will catch the consumer’s attention.

So how do you make your packaging better than your competitors? Study them. Track your competitors ‘ moves, study their Mobile List packaging. Know what makes them stand out and plan how to make yours better.

Finally, be original. If you’re selling products in a highly competitive niche, it’s your originality that will make the difference. Show off your unique selling point in your packaging.


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