SEO in practice Want to reach the first page of Google without paying for ads

The Digital Specialist separated super tips for you to get ahead of the competition Follow along . It is not new that consumers are increasingly turning to the internet to purchase products or services. Data show that at least half of purchases go through the internet at some stage. Whether to close a deal or research prices and options. More than 90% of Brazilian users use Google for their searches, and more than 50% click only on the first search results. In practice, this means that if your company is not on the first page, it will probably not even be found by your customers, who will stay with the competition. This proves that ranking well in Google search is super important for your business. But how to get there? Is it possible for small and medium-sized businesses to make the front page? Need to pay? The answers to these questions are: SEO, yes, and it depends.

Let’s answer one by one in more detail

To get a good placement organically in searches, your website needs to suit some search engine parameters. The name of this is SEO, Search Engine Optimization, or Optimization for Search Engines, in Portuguese.  And how is this done? Simply put: creating quality content for users and ensuring good navigation for them. Important SEO practices on USA Phone Number List your website Here are some fundamental practices for good ranking: – Improve your website navigation: having a website that loads quickly correctly is the most basic step towards good ranking. You can improve the loading speed of your page by eliminating animations and unnecessary applications and decreasing the resolution of images as much as possible, for example. – Improve your use of keywords.

Terms with more than one word

Are a great ally to get better rankings in search engines. Keyword research can be done for free on many websites. – Make sure your link is legible, short and preferably contains the keyword. To shorten links, you can omit non-essential information such as numbers, articles Mobile List or prepositions. – Optimize the media on your pages, such as photos and videos. An easy practice that can help a lot is to fill in the “alternative text” field of the images so that they contain the subject of your content or your keyword. Putting the key term in the file name before appending it is also a good practice. Place links to other pages or content on your own site. So-called “internal links” allow users to stay longer on your site by switching between pages. In addition, links can also improve your site’s authority.

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