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Chances are none of us will live to see this kind of AI – unless we unlock immortality first. 

However, if we achieve Artificial General Intelligence, AI systems would be able to rapidly improve their skills and expand into realms that humans could never have imagined. 

Although the gap between AGI and ASI would be very small (some claim as little as a millisecond, because that is how fast Artificial Intelligence would learn), the journey ahead of us is a long way to reach AGI itself making this a far-reaching concept. the future.

What Are The Different Levels Of Artificial Intelligence?


The term “artificial intelligence” (ASI) refers to a hypothetical phonelist AI. ASI is also called super AI, and we can only think of ASI after achieving AGI.

Super AI refers to when robots outperform humans in terms of intelligence and cognitive ability.

Once ASI is solved, computers will have enhanced predictive powers and will be able to reason in ways that would otherwise be impossible to understand.

ASI enabled machines will be better than humanity in every way. Despite superior AI, our decision-making and problem-solving talents would be lacking.

Many industry professionals remain skeptical about the feasibility of ASI development. 

Super Intelligence (ASI)

The purpose of artificial intelligence is to augment human capabilities and help us make complex decisions Mobile List  with far-reaching consequences. That is the solution from a technical point of view. 

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to help people live more meaningful lives without hard labor, as well as manage the complex network of individuals, businesses, states and nations in a way that benefits humanity. – all human.

The current purpose of Artificial Intelligence is to simplify human effort and help us make better decisions. 

Artificial intelligence has also been dubbed “our ultimate invention,” an invention capable of producing innovative products and services that will dramatically change the way we live our lives, and hopefully eliminate violence, inequality and human misery.

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