Digital Marketing Congress 2020 Badajoz

The extremeño  congress 2020 cedm is here , a Digital Marketing and ecommerce congress in badajoz (extremadura), a benchmark among online marketing congresses in the country. The extremadura reference marketing congress . Sign up for the congress to learn from great speakers and specialists in digital marketing , ecommerce and seo. It is the 3rd extremadura digital marketing congress that you can follow and participate with the hashtag #cemd2020. Let’s go with the programming and the speakers of the extremaduran congress : speakers at the extremadura digital marketing congress in badajoz on the congress website you have all the information available about the event, both the programming , the list of speakers or the purchase of tickets : in person and by streaming .

Meet speakers in first person

Practical workshops thus, the extremadura congress in badajoz offers you practical training workshops with the speakers, to see first-hand online marketing strategies to replicate in your digital business. Job opportunities from my experience, in this type of events synergies and job opportunities arise for both you and the clients you have. To do this you have Gambling Email List to move and make your proposal known, always introducing yourself properly first, and first getting to know the person in front of you. Meet speakers in first person surely you professionally admire many of the speakers who are at the extremaduran  congress in badajoz this 2020 edition. Well, attending the conference gives you the opportunity to meet them in person, talk to them for a while, and you never know how far the professional relationship will go in the future. 

You reinforce concepts

In-person : vip (already sold out) and normal in-person, which includes entry to the congress and workshops. 2- streaming : follow the event from anywhere. The presentations are seen live, but they will not be recorded. So don’t miss it. If you buy your Mobile List ticket, and put the coupon code “cemd20fc” you will have a 10% discount on the purchase of your ticket to the extremaduran congress . Why go to the extremeño Digital Marketing congress learn digital strategies i always say it, in online and in-person conferences you always learn, about everything and everyone. I always write things down on my phone to later develop in my own strategies and with clients and training.

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