Are digital chaos

Are digital chaos The marketer will be able to fit into the digital chaos , bringing order and giving order to the events, means and opportunities that the market offers today. “ Chaos is more freom; in fact, it is total freom. But it has no meaning. Audrey Niffenegger Professor at Columbia College in Chicago The marketer must return to giving an existential meaning to his profession. For too long marketing has been synonymous with “making money easily, convincing the public to buy.

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A professional today must be: listening, participation seo expate bd connection, transparency, spe, ethics. Customers are no longer a target or even an audience, as we still hear, but are “people” with their own identity, their own behaviors, tastes and ways of self-expression and purchasing choices. Only in this way will the marketer return to giving an ethical and social, as well as commercial, meaning to their work. “ The spe with which digital has gain space in our lives is one of the factors that is often treat with disdain without stopping to reflect on how spe.

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Ad the time frame are actually relevant Mobile Numbers factors. It is therefore necessary for a marketer to understand brands as an active part in people’s lives. Brands must resign their content to bridge the gap between the intentions communicat and what they actually achieve. Nicolò Cappelletti Marketer and university professor So I fully find myself in the model propos by Nicolò Cappelletti in his book: Digital Chaos. Understand the digital evolution, seize the opportunities and develop relevant and meaningful communication strategies publish by Dario Flaccovio itore. The innovations of the digital world have enter, without any delicacy, into every area of ​​our lives, from the personal to the professional.

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