Bopis or Pick-up Model

Recommerce consists of buying and selling new or used things and it is a practice that has become popular, especially since there is some concern with the environment and more environmental awareness. Although many brands, especially within the textile sector, have begun to use organic, sustainable and recycled materials to make their products, more and more consumers are opting for second-hand purchases. In addition to being a much more environmentally friendly action, it is also a way of buying at more affordable prices.

Voice Shopping

These new consumption habits and this new mentality mean that one of the trends in ecommerce for 2023 is to give products a second life, offering Netherlands B2B List them at lower prices on platforms such as ThredUp, Poshmark or eBay, among others . In addition, recommerce does not only apply to retailers or small businesses, as there are large brands that have begun to include it in their sales strategies. Although until relatively recently subscriptions were more related to brands that offered content, such as Netflix or Spotify, it is also possible to offer it on sales platforms. Since he will not have to carry out any manual process to have that product or service at home or active again.

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After Sales Experience

There are many brands that have set their sights on augmented reality or AR. It is a technology that uses 3D mapping to allow customers Mobile List to test the product or have a much more real view of it. In other words, it offers a much more visual, intuitive and attractive shopping experience, since it is a totally immersive way of interacting with products . It is a way to ensure that customers will have a much more accurate view of the product. So the online shopping experience will be much more successful.

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