Credit and debit card Payment

It allows instantaneous transfers and payments between individuals and legal entities. For businesses, the advantage is the speed in receiving money and the low operating costs, in addition to the number of active users in the system: more than 100 million people . Credit and debit card Payment by credit and debit card can be made in two ways: through payment systems on the website or through machines. If you are going to hire portable Mobile List machines for your customers to pay on delivery, consider those that offer mobile-friendly features – so the consumer can use a digital wallet to complete the transaction. Also consider purchasing a vending machine that is enabl for food stamp transactions. Many customers order when they are in the office and prefer to pay using this benefit.

Credit and debit card Payment

Digital wallet Digital wallets allow online transfers intermediat by an electronic payment service. In this model, it is not necessary to purchase a machine, as the transaction is intermediat by a cell phone or tablet. PayPal, PagSeguro, Bepay, Mercado Pago and Pic Pay are some of the companies that offer this service in the Brazilian market. The advantage is Philippines Email List that the fees are usually lower than those charg by the operators of the machines. As a result, many of these digital wallet companies are able to offer benefits to customers (discount or cashback) as a loyalty strategy. Via delivery apps Delivery apps offer plans that include taking payment and passing it on to the restaurant. When you hire apps for this modality, in general, a percentage is add as a fee on top of the product value. Furthermore, the transfer is not immediate.

Cash payment


There is a deadline for it to occur. Cash payment Cash payment is still one of the most democratic methods of payment, considering that more than 16 million Brazilians do not have a bank account which is why it is important to continue offering this modality even with the emergence of new ways of paying. When selecting the cash payment option, instruct your customers to communicate if they need change, which makes it easier for there to be no mismatches when the delivery person takes the order. 7. Be informative Imagine a consumer who is a big fan of your pizzeria. How frustrat would he be when trying to order a margherita for delivery on a Monday and, after calling.

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