How does the Federal Council of Psychology regulate online psychological care?

Customer data protection appeared as one of the most important items (92%) when searching for a property on a marketplace or real estate agency. Previously, in the Capterra survey on cybersecurity, among respondents, 67% of Brazilians were very concerned about the topic , motivated by the increase in cases of digital fraud and the series of leaks of personal data in Brazil; It is interesting to note that the concern remains present even in the case of a niche. To schedule a visit or contact an advertiser through these platforms, it is generally necessary for customers to share data such as name, email and telephone; in some cases, the Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF) number is also requested.


With the implementation of the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD) , real estate agencies also need to safeguard their clients’ data, as they usually process important documents, such as proof of income. It is worth remembering that, until June 2021, only 3 out of 10 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) believed they were fully compliant with the legislation . Tools such as cybersecurity software , network security systems or vulnerability management software help create a secure operation in these companies. Nearly half digitally signed transaction documents Digital signatures , which are an online version of the firm held in a fist, are already a reality in real estate market transactions, according to the Capterra study. This is because 46% of respondents stated that they signed online some or most of the documents relating to the property they purchased or rented.



Only 19% signed most of their contracts online, as shown by trends in real estate The data also show that the number of buyers of houses or apartments signed most of the documents online (52%); percentage that for tenants does not reach 24%, for example. Some contracts of the purchase and sale relationship can be signed electronically, such as listing contracts, purchase and sale contracts , deed, in addition to more specific documents, such as inspections and insurance or credit contracts – provided that the specificities of each contract are respected and the Public Key Infrastructure (ICP-Brasil) guidelines. How to digitally sign documents A digital signature program is the tool that mediates so that the parties can sign documents remotely.

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