Fact it is not easy to pass

This is one of the proud impacts of the Bangkit program. The success of developers is our greatest energy. Although nowadays, it is not easy to achieve this without the support of investors. Therefore, we cannot continue to walk here alone. We need help from friends from all walks of life. For those of you who have gone through fellowship and may have reached a better stage in life, we ask for your help. Help us develop more developers so that we can harness this digital momentum and take Indonesia in a better direction. Don’t let us grow into a nation accustomed only to consumption. With Dicoding, friends can play many roles. Can be a discussion group, code reviewer, mentor, coordinator, material contributor. No matter how small your contribution is, it means a lot to help change the lives of other of our friends who dream.

becoming reliable developers

And of course make a big impact in Indonesia. greeting, Narenda Vikasono Decoded: 7 Years of Mastering Digital Talent – The End Check out the writings of other Dicoding CEOs in the articles below Four (4) Principles for Successfully Learning to Program Atomic Habits continues to make progress From Developer to Tech Entrepreneur: The Dicoding CEO’s Story Indonesia whatsapp database Decoded 7th Anniversary Decoding’s seventh anniversary is a time for us to celebrate our achievements. We are proud that Dicoding has remained faithful to be the developer’s friend of choice so far. In line with the vision and mission, we hope to continue to be the leading technology education platform. Dicoding’s achievements would not be possible without the help and support of Indonesian developers. So, in celebration of the gratitude and joy of Dicoding’s seventh birthday, we’ve come up with a variety of fun challenges, which are the following. Let’s create digital content about decoding! Share your decoding experience as digital content.

There are also various prizes

Waiting for you to win! We have specially prepared 1 (one) MacBook Air M1 as the main prize for you who participate in all these challenges. See full terms below. Challenge #1: 1001 wish list courses to choose from! Share your experience with Dicoding so far in the form of this twibbon image in a feed post on your social media accounts (Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook) wishing you a “Happy Dicoding Birthday” and your hopes for the future of Dicoding. Your journey can be in the form Mobile List of learning activities (academies, challenges, events, jobs) at Dicoding. terms and Conditions: Share a photo of you using this Dicoding Anniversary special twibbon in a post on your social media account feed (Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook) You can grab the Dicoding Anniversary special Twibbon via this link: twb.nz/dicoding7th If you’re still confused about using Twibbon, don’t worry. 

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