The Future of Marketing

Eight is the lucky number! 2023 is the eighth consecutive year we’ve published. A look into the future. We love doing it, and this data suggests our readers love it. As long as that’s the case, we’ll be back every November! As we said last year, we hope everyone who reads this blog is well. It seems future of marketing we are emerging from the pandemic, although 2022 brought geopolitical and economic difficulties that have been felt around the world.

The concept of metaverse will continue to be a trend

The first is that it is not going well for us, but it is very interesting. We still believe that to some extent the metaverse concept will continue to trend executive email list in the coming years. That didn’t happen in 2022, and in all honesty we doubt that will happen in 2023. Now, the reasons for this were not the result of chance but rather a result of the impact of higher. Inflation and the corresponding effect on the stock market and cryptocurrencies.

Experiences may once again be part of marketing strategies

The fact that this post exists— The Best of Experiences in 2022 —and that we said “it’s possible” gives us at least one point. It’s difficult to discern how Mobile List widespread the return of experiential marketing was in 2022, but Stranger Things did its part, and the global nature of many of Ad Age’s examples indicate that we got this one right to some extent and because of that. We win a point.

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