Updating useful content on Google for digital marketing

Have you noticed changes in search visibility or traffic in Google Analytics or your Search Console? Officially, the update finished rolling out in early September 2022. The impact of the update was limited unless your website categories included pages with song lyrics or ringtones. However, Google confirmed,  Over the coming months. We will continue to Updating useful refine how the classifier detects unhelpful content. Continue to launch efforts to better reward people-first content.

How the update works Updating useful

Google has many signals for ranking web pages and content. Refreshing useful content is a new executive data website-wide signal. Where Google’s algorithm automatically identifies low-value or non-useful content using a machine- learning model . The signal is weighted so some sites may experience greater impact than others. It is interesting to note that with this update. User-generated content (such as user reviews and comments) will also be evaluated and measured . At this time, the useful content update only impacts global searches in English. But will eventually include other languages ​​as well.

Is SEO still important?

In its annual State of SEO report , Search Engine Journal (SEJ) received feedback from more than 3,600 SEO professionals. The results show Mobile List that the audience only spends 20.2% of their time on research or searches. Wouldn’t it be better for SEO professionals to spend more time getting to know their audiences so they can write better content for people and not search engines?

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