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Your data is already in a spreadsheet. Consider that you wanted to create an application that was an employee directory.

All the information needed to power the application would be in a spreadsheet, with the top row containing all the column headings:

  • Name
  • Title of Record
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Picture

In its current configuration, the spreadsheet can theoretically be used as a directory, but it is cumbersome and difficult to access on mobile devices.

Glide lets you create an app that your colleagues will love and find useful.

Now it’s time to add layout and navigation to your app.

 used applications on your phone, such as email – it’s basically a collection of panels that display different types of information and allow you to go back and forth between them as needed.

Consider one of the most

You’ll also find examples of tabs in almost every application you’re already using.

Open Instagram – do you see the tabs buy phone lists or your home feed, references and profile? The idea is the same, but now you are in order.

Tabs take you to top-level displays that contain much of your activity.

Top-level presentations are often a type of list with summary data. When you open your email inbox, for example, you’ll find a list of all your emails, along with information such as the subject line, sender, preview text, and more. that’s on.

Each master screen you design will be linked to a different tab on your Google Page.

Step 2: Configure The App's Functionality.

As a result, while these top-rated shows are naturally lists, they don’t have to be boring lists.

You can change the layout depending Mobile List on the type of app you are making. Since photos dominate the staff page of our personnel directory app, a grid style (as shown in the screenshot) makes more sense.

If a user notices anything on your top-level panel that catches their attention, they’ll tap it to send it to a detailed screen. In our employee directory example, this is an employee profile.

From here, use your intuition to consider all the actions a user might take once they reach this screen. This can be to email a coworker, call them, find out where they are, and so on.

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