Metaverse, what it is and how to access it now

Metaverse. What it is and how to access it now francesco farinelli – 23 september 2022 metaverse in the field of digital communication. We are increasingly talking about the metaverse. Especially after mark zuckerberg announce that he is focusing heavily on this evolution. Also introducing the new name of his social universe. “Meta”. Before then. Metaverse was a word use almost exclusively by science fiction experts and enthusiasts. You might be intereste in. “Mini-revolution in b2b social meia. The new linkein business manager will soon be online” how the metaverse was born and for what purposes metaverse the first to use the word “Metaverse” was neal stephenson. 

How the Metaverse was born and for what purposes

Cyberpunk writer. In 1992 in the book “Snow crash”. He theorize something that we are concretely approaching today. 30 years later. The possibility of transforming special data the internet (then in its infancy) into an immersive digital world. From imagination. Although competent and accurate. To reality. Of particular interest to companies as well as the public. According to zuckerberg’s intentions. The will of the owner of facebook and instagram is to make totally new experiences possible by exploiting the new potential of the network. From the exchange of information to entertainment. Think. For example. Of the use of viewers that will allow (we could also use the present tense) access to the metaverse to experience live a concert that is being held thousands of kilometers away. 

The state of the Metaverse today

It can also be a way to create hybrid events. Which will involve both real people. In flesh and blood. And users in  the form of avatars. Remembering that there are Mobile List already many digital influencers with thousands of followers in the world. At the service of multinationals already anchore to the future. Then there is another even more interesting topic for companies. The use of the metaverse to create engaging purchasing experiences like never before. Here then the metaverse can be define as a virtual world but extremely interconnecte with reality. Depending on the case. It could be a place for business. Meetings and leisure . You might be intereste in. “The facebook metaverse. Is it just a rebrand or is there more to it?”

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