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What is business to business or b2b in sales? Business to business or b2b , literally “From business to business”, refers to sales between companies, that is, transactions between manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors or distributors and retailers. Instead, sales that are made directly to consumers are called b2c. B2b marketing , also known as industrial marketing, is the application of marketing fundamentals to b2b transactions using techniques such as inbound marketing, email marketing, e-commerce, online advertising, and other techniques.

B2b Marketing Represents

a very important part of our sector due to the high volumes of business. According to the study innovation in b2b digital commerce: trends and success strategies by idc research spain and liferay, in our country 43% of companies Denmark B2B List spend more than 10,000 euros per month on b2b e-commerce applications. It is also worth mentioning that  models that are aimed at both companies and individuals, such as the makro wholesale supermarket. In this article, we will focus on marketing exclusively from business to business. Differences between b2b and b2c sales B2b sales are characterized by their complexity.

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In General

The purchase process is longer and more variables are involved than in the case of b2c. These are more strategic purchases, in which the buyer must reflect more and also several decision makers and influencers can influence. The average Mobile List amount of b2b purchases is usually higher than that of b2c products. Since we are targeting companies and therefore the purchasing power is greater. This means that we can face more complex sales processes and with a higher cost per acquisition (cpa). Consultative selling is more common in the b2b sector .

This means that the seller acts as a consultant to the customer. In general, b2b buyers do more research before showing interest in a product or service. This makes content a key piece in b2b sales.


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