The relationships and reliability of a brand play

The relationships Give your database contacts a valid reason to continue following you, demonstrate to them the value you can offer them. Conduct A/B Tests As with any other email marketing campaign, separating sends for A/B testing can improve the effectiveness of your message. For this reason, the advice is to create different variations of the same email in which you change the subject, tone and level of personalization. Obviously, to understand which element makes the difference, it is important that only one of the aspects list above varies for each email.

That alerts the contacts

For your test to be reliable it is important to build segments of contacts. Once the first permission email has been sent, schule a reminder a week later in the database to the consequences of their inactivity. Review metrics and determine which contacts to optout By sending your permission campaigns through HubSpot, you have the ability to analyze contacts’ interactions with your emails. Only contacts who have confirm web designs and development service their optin should remain in your database and continue to receive your communications. Anyone who does not click on the CTA will have to be unsubscrib from all lists as they could negatively impact your performance.

The subscription confirmation

The best way to identify contacts to optout is to create two smart lists using the following filters. List the contact click a link in the permission pass email obviously in this case only link must Mobile List be present List all contacts who have receiv permission pass email and are not members of list At this point you can export list as a csv file and reimport it into hubspot as an optout list. Obviously this type of campaign is not only useful for what concerns the GDPR, but can be repeat at any time to keep your database active, curat and profil. What happens if you use MailChimp? MailChimp is a powerful email marketing software

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