What Are Hubspot Contact Lists?

HubSpot Contact Lists is, as the name suggests, a HubSpot feature that allows you to create a list of contacts or companies based on property values ​​or characteristics that are useful or relevant to your brand.

These lists allow you to speed up and facilitate the sending of emails, but they also allow you to know the total number of contacts and what characteristics are in common between them and create reports based on all this information. Or, put another way, it allows you to know the number of contacts that meet certain criteria and obtain detailed reports about it.

Types of lists in HubSpot

There are two types of contact lists in HubSpot. The first type is the active list , which is the one that is created and updated automatically. One of the main advantages of this type of list is that it will always contain those contacts. That meet a series of characteristics. This means that it is a variable and changing list in which contacts enter and leave based on those characteristics.

The second type is the static list , which unlike the first, is not updated. This was created with users who met specific characteristics at a given Ireland B2B List time. Even if they no longer meet them, that contact will continue on that list. Although contacts can be added and removed manually. The main advantage of this type of list in HubSpot is that it allows you to find out which contacts. Met a series of characteristics on a certain date.

B2B Email List

How to set up contact lists in HubSpot

Following these steps there should not be any kind of problem in the creation of one or several lists. These may be modified at Mobile List any time by those users who have write permission for the lists. That is, there will be users who can access, but not edit them, while those who have the aforementioned permission can make changes at any time. The list, once created, can also be cloned, exported, deleted or analyzed through performance reports.

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