Why Is Packaging Important In Ecommerce Marketing

The growing consumer desire for convenience can also be seen in today’s packaging. The best example is the Ya She Na 4-in-1 makeup brush collection . In one purchase, buyers can get a loose powder brush and a full set of eye shadow brushes. All brushes easily form in a circle and without gaps making them easier to fit in portable rods.

This is perfect for women who are always on the go and need a little retouching every once in a while.

If there’s one thing you can lack in your business, the easiest option is packaging. Besides, the buyer won’t mind, right? Wrong.

While it can be tempting to skimp in this area especially for businesses on a tight budget, eCommerce packaging is an important factor driving brand impressions.

In an infographic by The Paperwork

52% of customers say they are likely to return to a business for another purchase after receiving premium packaging.

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That number alone proves that packaging Latest Mailing Database plays an important role in marketing. Here are 4 reasons why packaging is important in eCommerce marketing:

1. Improve customer experience
A customer’s real encounter with your brand begins the moment they receive your product. And if they see that your packaging is cheap, then they can safely assume that the same can be said for what’s inside.

Well-thought-out packaging conveys the impression that you value quality – a huge plus factor that helps achieve customer satisfaction.

2. Attract attention
With thousands of products to choose from, your product packaging design can help attract the attention of your target customers.

This is very important considering that online

Latest Mailing Database

Unique, creative and visually appealing designs influence the mood of your consumers and play a big factor in their purchasing decisions.

Plus, opening your product should evoke a feeling of excitement or a positive emotional response, making the unboxing experience more memorable and enjoyable, so they’ll be more likely to share their experiences online.

This is where your marketing team can use user-generated content for your social media platforms and other marketing campaigns.

3. Support branding
The ultimate goal of brand building is Mobile List to gain brand recognition. And you’ll know you’ve accomplished this when your logo and other visual markers no longer rely on your company name.Take the example of the logo above. No text, just a swoosh and you’ll know it’s from Nike.


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