Within this context The responsive website

Essential to offer quality navigation, clearer information exposure and direct access to the company’s main contacts. You don’t have a responsive website ? Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Continue reading, because we are going to pass on valuable information to win more customers. What is a responsive website? Responsive website , my dear reader, is a layout that adapts to the size of the screen being accessed. For example; When you access the Amazon website to buy an e-book on your smartphone, the page size proportions adapt to the screen, facilitating navigation and access to information. In addition to facilitating visualization, the responsive website increases the power of reach of its services, and opens up opportunities for gaining new customers, as there is nothing worse than browsing a website where information is out of focus and takes time.

Creating a responsive website

Find out below why it’s so important. Why use a responsive website? Responsive website is a way to present your company to the customer with more credibility, increasing sales opportunities. Example: you are an entrepreneur who offers services and is concerned with Germany Mobile Number List success, a responsive website is a perfect alternative to gain market presence. How to make a website responsive? There are a number of factors that need to be adjusted to make a responsive website : Start with a Mobile Priority Philosophy. Pay Attention to Your Site’s Appearance. Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) But for the execution of the service it is necessary technical knowledge for the creation of a responsive site . Now, see more advantages of investing in a responsive website: Ensure good positioning in Google searches.

Increases page speed

Decreases bounce rate. Increases sales. Improves lead conversion rate. More shares on social media. Prepare for future devices. Accessible by any browser. According to IBGE data, cell phones are the main means of accessing the internet in Brazil. Between 2017 and 2018, the percentage Mobile List of people aged 10 or over who accessed the internet via cell phone here in the country increased from 97% to 98.1%. That is, companies, freelancers and service providers that have a responsive website , get ahead of the competition and manage to attract more customers. With more people carrying a smartphone, sales opportunities increase. You need responsive design. Understand that internet access trends have changed. The purchase of computers has decreased, but in the case of mobile devices, sales have only increased.

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