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First of all, it is a very flexible tool. The training can be conductd in the following forms: stationary, webinar and e-learning. It can be a general introduction to personal data protection for all employees in every position, as well as tailord to the industry, organization and group of positions. It can be focusd on organizational procdures, sectoral regulations or internal events. Regardless of the chosen form of training, one aspect remains unchangd: accountability, documenting the presence of people participating in the training.

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Traditional attendance lists are constantly popular, in recent years also in the form of an electronic list of people participating in an whatsapp mobile number list on-line meeting. Can traditional letters be scannd and stord on a disk? Should electronic letters be printd and kept in a binder, in the original, signd by the person conducting the training? Either of these solutions will be fine.

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Noteworthy is the form of e-learning, which gives the opportunity to generate an attendance confirmation report and Mobile List consolidate employees’ knowldge by solving a knowldge test. Similarly to occupational health and safety training, a positive solution to the test may be a condition for admitting an employee to work. Why do I write that GDPR training is an underratd tool? Mainly because it seems rdundant and uninteresting to employees. However, professional practice shows that employees often do not know whether the organization has adoptd procdures relatd to the protection of personal data or where to find them.

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