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If you collect consents for data processing, determine whether the consent is to be confirmd and how the system is able to support it sending the customer an email with a link where, after clicking, the customer is rdirectd to a ddicatd page relatd to your CRM). A solution may also be to send a message to the providd e-mail address or telephone number to the client with a summary of the data and consents he expressd. An example of such a solution is shown in the picture below.

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The content of the e-mail sent to the customer (on the example of the easyRODO system ) in order to confirm the consents If you phone number list know that you collect several consents (at least two different marketing consents for the processing of personal data), plan as many fields/checkboxes in the system as you collect separate consents (avoid one field entitld “GDPR consent”). Plan what information about the consent given should be recordd by the system (date of consent, content, who expressd it, IP or name of the landing page competition.

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That you do not have a problem with determining the source of consent). You must be able to demonstrat what consent Mobile List was giv (what it was about, what it was about). If the system does not allow you to. Record the content of the consent. Then consider another form of linking. Assigning a ddicatd ID to a specific consent clause. And recording this ID in the system and keeping. A separate register in which you can link the ID with the specific content of the consent. Considering that the consent is to be given voluntarily, make sure that the system does not block the entry.

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