Black Hat SEO: optimization techniques

Black Hat SEO. optimization techniques that Google doesn’t like MARCO TARGA – 14 OCTOBER 2022 black hat seo Trying to “cheat” Google is never a good idea if the goal is to optimize a website to make it climb the SERP until it reaches first place. There are optimization practices that respect the guidelines given by the search engine. others that violate the rules and can cause penalties. but there are some that are in between these two. The permitte activities are calle White Hat SEO. those not permitte are include in Black Hat SEO . while those between one and the other are define as Gray Hat SEO. Let’s focus on the dark side of search engine optimization. 

Definition of Black Hat SEO

So as to understand how to avoid running into sanctions from google. You might be intereste in. “What to know about seo strategies for 2022” definition new data of black hat seo black hat seo black hat seo is the set of methodologies that can be implemente to improve the positioning of a web page in serp. But which go against the wishes of the search engine on which you want to position yourself. For example google. They are use to quickly increase rankings and. Consequently. Easily obtain advantages in terms of visibility and traffic volumes on the website. Why is it risky to circumvent common seo rules if they provide considerable benefits? 

Why the “black hat” to identify prohibited SEO

Because google . But also other search engines. Has evolve and become increasingly better at identifying irregularities and increasingly severe in assigning Mobile List penalties. Using black hat seo carries significant risks. This must be clear. Download inside’s free guide now to discover all the 2022 seo statistics! Why the “black hat” to identify prohibite seo? The name of this branch of seo does not have a technical or it origin. But derives from black and white cinema. In old western films. The good cowboys wore a white hat and. In complete contrast. The bad gunslingers wore a black hat . 

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