No Need To Be Outspoken Silence is better

Many of us tend to “express” whatever we think and feel.

But really, most of the time — it’s often not necessary.

The words we speak have the power to do many good things..

.. in fact, it is also very powerful as a tool to hurt, provoke anger, and ultimately make ourselves lose.

Sometimes the best thing is silence.

Language or words are a very useful method for humans to communicate with each other.

But, it is often misused as a tool to cause slander and misunderstanding

If we can learn how to be silent and only say what is true and necessary

God willing we will always be close to goodness.

What Can We Get From Silence?
Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, then Database he should speak well or he should remain silent.”

— History of Bukhari and Muslim
In case it wasn’t clear to you, silence is a symbol of intelligence.

This does not mean that we do not have to defend what we believe to be true..

.. but our lives will be better in the long run if we only talk about the things that really matter.

There are not many benefits to express everything that we feel, especially on social media like Facebook.

Being patient and silent is better than expressing our every feeling


Also, it is better to be silent when we are angry.

Believe me, the words we have scattered (while angry), 90% of them Mobile List we will probably regret later.

Every word we write down can bring damage or consume us.

Before we open our mouths, ask ourselves first, Does this need to be said?

If it’s not necessary, it’s better to keep quiet and focus on yourself.

Don’t Speak Unless It’s Something Worth Saying

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