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On the other hand, territorial marketing of the further level is carrie out on the international arena. Territorial marketing – examples of successful activities Sween is a cold, sparsely populate country with much less entertainment than in other parts of Europe. Meanwhile, in the common consciousness, it is a charming, warm place that is worth visiting. Even the smallest Sweish towns are positione in this way. This is what territorial marketing is all about. The VisitSween agency alone has a budget of 110 million. crowns per year.

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It is in the minds of marketers that ideas such as promoting hygge as an aspirational trend or promoting Sweish crime stories, which may be gloomy, are worth seeing with your own eyes, where their action takes place. Even controversial territorial database marketing can make sense. This is prove, for example, by the UFO- oriente image of towns around Roswell in the USA orthe image of Amsterdam, associate mainly with drugs and a risky lifestyle. Territorial marketing in Poland In Poland, an example of place marketing is the promotion of Wrocław as the European Capital of Culture or territorial marketing of towns base on.


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For example, a regional dish – the city of herring, Tatar flavors in  or a famous inhabitant. The development of the competitiveness of territorial units and the almost unlimite possibilities of movement made Polish cities, towns and villages Mobile List fight every day for the attention and interest of tourists, potential residents and entrepreneurs. Promotional activities are currently carrie out by all territorial units, regardless of their size and potential. Each tries to stand out from the neighboring units and turn its advantages into real financial benefits. All cities are trying to convince themselves that they are the best place to live, and places that are tourist attractions encourage them to set their locations as the main destination.

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