Digital Marketing strategy from scratch

Social Networks: which one should my company invest in? 4. Expand reach and influence through strategic partnerships Another way to expand brand popularity is by using this OKR to consider strategies that abuse other companies’ influence over their own customers . These other companies can range from individual influencers to from scratch corporations, but the mission is always to promote an idea, a name, a product or a service . O: Expand reach and influence through strategic partnerships ; KR 1: Establish X new partnerships with relevant influencers to promote the brand; KR 2: Collaborate with X partner brands to carry out joint campaigns; KR 3: Attend relevant events and conferences to increase brand visibility.

They use other SEO techniques

Improve the targeting and effectiveness of paid ad campaigns Identifying potential customers into increasingly specific groups makes target campaigns more effective, which allows you to convert more leads at lower costs. It is expect that optimization in this area will have a direct impact on cash flow — and that is why this OKR is here. O: Improve the targeting and effectiveness of paid advertising campaigns; KR 1: Increase ad click-through rate by X% through precise targeting; KR 2: Increase ad new database conversion rate by X% through continuous optimization; KR 3: Ruce cost per acquisition by X% through refin bidding and targeting strategies.

To the target audience Improve page loading


Increase customer satisfaction and retention Nothing better for a business than Customer Success ! As such success involves much more than selling a great product or service to people, an OKR creat gives direction to think about strategies that elevate the act of purchase : from a simple exchange, to an incrible experience! O: Increase customer satisfaction and retention ; KR 1: Implement loyalty or rewards programs to encourage retention of existing customers ; KR 2: Increase customer query response and resolution rate by X% through customer service; KR 3: Conduct Mobile List customer satisfaction surveys and implement improvements bas on the feback receiv.

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