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Another benefit of customer journey mapping is that it can help marketers make the buying journey much smoother, reducing the time and effort customers have to put in to get what they want.

such as having to fill out forms or go through multiple  British Student Phone Number List steps to checkout, marketers can then work to reduce those unnecessary steps or obstacles. In turn, customer uptake and loyalty can increase, as satisfied customers are more likely to speak of a positive and seamless experience online or to friends or family.

However, while customer journey maps help businesses make their processes efficient and easy to use for customers, monitoring the post-purchase part of the journey is just as important. This is particularly the case in sectors like travel, where the customer experience goes well beyond the point of purchase (and can decide whether or not the customer returns).


Map the customer journey to achieve strategic goals



Finally, while customer mapping can help improve the customer journey, it can also help companies achieve broader, more holistic strategic goals.

Interestingly, 43% of survey respondents said they  Mobile List not only use information to improve the customer journey, but also their products or services. Similarly, three-quarters of respondents say they have used mapping insights to help develop their marketing strategy, and half of advanced brands use mapping to gather valuable insights to help with storytelling.

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