Encourage rather than oblige: discover nudge marketing

What is nudge marketing?

You have reached your traffic goal on your website but  Chinese Malaysia Phone Number List unfortunately your visitors are not clicking where they should. Which means your conversion goals are not being met. However, you apply the necessary techniques to the letter to get them to click on your call-to-action (call-to-action buttons). In short, how to encourage your visitors more without practicing forcing?

This is what we are going to discover together in this article dedicated to nudge marketing , incentive marketing that will allow you to increase conversions .

Nudge marketing is a type of marketing


that uses psychology to influence customer behavior . By understanding  Mobile List how people make decisions, nudge marketing can influence them to engage in a desired behavior, such as buying a product or visiting a website.

Nudge marketing has proven effective in a wide range of contexts, from the most mundane to the most clever. For example, at Amsterdam airport.

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