How to Get Google to Index Your Website

Google’s index is a library of hundreds of billions of web pages. It’s what people search through when they use Google. Unless the pages on your website are in this index, there’s absolutely zero chance of them showing up in Google’s search results. But how do you know if your site’s in Google’s index, and how do you get it there if not? How to check if you’re indexed in Google If you want a rough idea of how many pages on your website Google has indexed, go to How to Get Google, search for and look at the number of results below the search bar.

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WordPress, use a plugin like Yoast or Rank Math to create a sitemap. Don’t use the default sitemap created by WordPress as it tends to include. A bunch of unimportant executive email list stuff you don’t want in there. Once you have a sitemap created, go to the Sitemaps tab in Google Search Console. Enter the sitemap URL, and hit “Submit.” Search engines should be able to reach every important page on your website through internal links. If that’s not possible for a page, it’s known as an orphan page. Google is less likely to index these. As they’re harder to find and have fewer signals that they’re important. It’s up to you how you want to structure your site. But it’s common to use a pyramid structure: With this kind of site structure, each page has an internal link from at least one page above it in the pyramid.

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Website platform automatically adds links to new content, no page should end up orphaned. That said, mistakes can happen, so it’s worth setting up regular audits to Mobile List check your site for orphan pages. Assuming that all your important pages are in your sitemap. It’s free and easy to do this with an Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) account. Backlinks signal to Google that the content on a website is valuable and deserves indexing. If your website is new, the best starting point is to find. Your competitors’ backlinks and replicate the ones you can. These are typically links from: Directories Listicles that mention multiple competitors, but not you Guest posts, interviews and podcasts You can use the Link Intersect report in.

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