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Much more so when they flee by climbing the curtains of the castle from an exhaust lion who yawns all his sleep, and in the face of the laughter of those new courtiers they feel that they have offend their shield and plan revenge when they do the de. They return to their lands, stopping in the oak forest of corpes and whipping their wives nak, they believe they are leaving them almost dead at the disposal of the wild beasts, but they save their lives and the cid with all his power devastates carrión in his father’s revenge. No, he does not do it, he hopes for a fair trial that condemns those of carrión to death, but that wish is not honor either, in fact, they give him the opportunity to defend himself, making clear those social differences that until today govern the destiny of many .

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 And although the fate of the Cid and his daughters is somewhat correct with the new request for her hand in hand from the emissaries of Navarra and Aragon , we are left with b2b email list the bitter feeling that the little ones of the world cannot defend themselves. Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar does not die in the song, but in the history books they do kill him and although even after he is dead he wins battles with his mere presence that terrifies his enemies, he knows that he is already dead, dead since they exil him.

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Ecause lost honor is never recover, because forgetting never surpasses memory.a summary of our still brief but fruitful agreement with khan academy, whose founder, together with his ucational institution, have been award the princess of asturias award for international cooperation 2019. Khan academy: technological support that strengthens Mobile List the learning of our students salman khan, an american mathematician and engineer who graduat from the massachusetts institute of technology (mit), began helping a cousin of his who was having trouble with mathematics a few years ago. She did it over the telephone and with the support of basic computer tools.

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