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Before long, Engineer Khan was offering help to several of his relatives who did not like numbers. In 2006 he upload videos to YouTube explaining his exercises step by step, and some time later, after resigning from the company he work for, he found Khan Academy . Since then, this nonprofit ucational institution has support thousands of students in more than 36 languages ​​in the fields of mathematics, economics, art and history, among others. At the beginning of this year UPN sign a work agreement with Khan Academy , thanks to which we have achiev important benefits in the short term: 168 teachers have been train in the proper use of the platform.

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Students are currently using the khan academy platform. The directorate of general studies and the coordination of each of the campuses periodically receive reports on the use that our students make. In the 2019-01 pilot, students enroll in the first two courses of all b2b leads our courses – mathematics and basic mathematics complements – incorporat this methodological strategy to consult videos and develop the activities organiz by their teachers. Our students can use khan academy resources at any time of the day and as many times as they consider necessary , a facility that enhances the autonomy they require for their academic activities.

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To carry out this first experience, during the summer we train teachers and coordinators of the Science area at our different locations. Just over a month into the 2019-1 semester, the percentage Mobile List of students using the Khan Academy platform has exce the goal we establish. For the next period, in consideration of the good results obtain, we will incorporate other courses in the different majors, such as Mathematics 1, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Physics 1, Physics 2, Physics 3, Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2 and Chemistry 3, as well as the courses of the leveling program (PDN), thus optimizing the performance of more than 30,000 students of our institution.

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