What is a key account manager

A kam or key account manager is the person in charge of managing the most important accounts of a company . These can be both those that represent a high turnover and those that are of interest at a strategic level. The goal of this professional is to make sure that these key customers continue to be part of the company for as long as possible. To achieve this, there are several functions of the key account manager in the organization, but all of them are aimed at making the client trust the company and feel cared for, cared for and valued , as well as ensuring the benefit of the client and the company itself. Organization. It is important to understand the difference between the roles of a key account manager and an account manager.

The First is Only Responsible for Those Key Accounts

for the company and the second for the rest, that is, those that do not represent such a high level of billing or those that are less strategically important. What are the main functions of a key account manager Retain the best Cyprus B2B List customers This is one of the most important key account manager functions. In addition to being in charge of designing a good strategy and market analysis (aspects that we will discuss in the following points), this professional must have a series of skills when it comes to communicating with the client to guarantee their permanence in the company. These are some of them: Listening ability.

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Ability to Know

understand the client and their requests. Talent when it comes to solving conflicts and problems. Proactivity. Art in the world of negotiation. Create and implement strategies Another of the functions of the key account manager is to design Mobile List strategic action plans for each of the key clients he is in charge of. Of course, you must adapt to the demands of each one of them to meet their needs. In addition, within this function, the professional must be prepared to modify the strategy when necessary and to solve possible problems that arise, always giving solid, effective and immediate alternatives. Losing an account that is key to the company and often accounts for most of its revenue can have fatal consequences for the organization, jeopardizing its survival over time. That is why the strategies designed by the kam are the most important.

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