Subscriptions to the Email List

For an ecommerce, the database is one of the most important elements, as it will allow you to retain customers . Getting subscribers to the email list is one of the best ways to increase that database. If it grows, you can increase billing thanks to a correct loyalty and nurturing strategy. Knowing the evolution of the growth of the database is a way of knowing if you are going in the right direction.

Email open rate

The rate of people who open our emails is a metric that allows us to know how reactive our database is . Many ecommerce think that the more Brazil B2B List emails they send, the better results they will get at this rate, but this is not the case. The key is to send emails at the right time and with valuable content that interests the public. The secret is to write a good subject and that it is aligned with the objective of the email and at the moment of the buyer journey in which it is sent. To improve this rate, it is good to do a/b tests on a recurring basis.

B2B Email List

Conversion rate to sale

This rate indicates the number of visitors to our ecommerce who ended up making a purchase. It greatly influences the results of an ecommerce Mobile List and income, so the higher the better. Currently, the average conversion rate for an ecommerce sale in spain is between 1% and 1.9%.

This metric tells us the average amount of money a customer spends on a transaction in your store. Which will be influenced by the value of the medium ordered. Therefore, if your business manages to generate an increasing average order value. It means that the income is also higher and that your business is having. A greater margin to continue investing in growth.

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