The Best Method for Successful Internal

Internal links will also encourage readers to move from one post to another, where it will increase pageviews and reduce the bounce rate .

Now you know the importance of internal linking, so we will look at some of the best ways to do an internal linking strategy correctly.

The basic concept of internal linking is to strengthen the overall SEO structure of the website by providing a clear path for search engines, and creating a perfect network for posts and pages.

So, how can you do this?

How can you use internal links to improve the quality visibility and appeal of your blog

Here is a guide to writing quality articles and 11 tips to Whatsapp Mobile Number List produce article titles that convert.

2. Don’t go ‘crazy’ with internal links
how many internal links are appropriate? How many internal links should there be in my post?

At a minimum, it should be between 2 – 3 links.

But actually there is no specific limit for placing internal links. Put it at an appropriate pace as long as it doesn’t disturb the comfort of your readers.

If your blog post is long and detailed, and you already have a lot of content already published, try to include 8-10 links.

Too much is also not appropriate because it will lead to analysis paralysis. So less is always more.

As long as it helps readers, you will find it beneficial for SEO.

In other words anchor text that looks spammy and over optimized will not give you any benefit

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In fact, it will make the reader feel disappointed if the Mobile List anchor text leads to something that is not expected by the reader.

After all, the words ‘click here’ do not give any meaning.

Use natural and relevant words.

4. The Three Click Rule
There is an unofficial rule that says; a page should be no more than three clicks from the homepage.

This is not a requirement, but it is a good practice to follow.

By doing so, you will build a strong and organized SEO structure.

For example you can see on the homepage of this blog.

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