The Real Life Story of Banggi Island Children

Nawi walks 2 hours every morning to go to school.

Like other students here, Nawi takes a total travel time of 4 hours a day to go to and from school.

Why is he not wearing shoes? (picture above)

Shoes are a luxury for students here. It is difficult to obtain except with the help of the school.

So in order to extend the life of the shoes, most students here will take off their shoes and go barefoot all the way to and from home.

It has become a habit for students here to cross the wilderness alone

For them, shoes are only suitable to be worn at school.

I don’t think the spirit of the children in the city Phone Number List can be compared to the spirit of the children here.

Poverty and the difficulty of the journey never dampened their enthusiasm to seek knowledge.

Can you imagine walking in the dark as early as 5am to go to school?

Things like this make me tear up and realize how heavy the responsibility I am carrying as a teacher here now.

Living in here makes me think a lot.

What is it like to be a teacher in a rural school in a remote place?
SK Kapitangan Banggi Kudat Island
Thank God, I’ve been here for three years.
For almost 3 years I worked at Sk Kapitangan, Pulau Banggi.

This island is located in Kudat, Sabah and is the borderline between Malaysia and the Philippines. P3 status indicates that this school is located far from the town.

Banggi Island is still a backward place and many places are still difficult to access

Phone Number List

In my school area, basic facilities such as water and electricity Mobile List are still missing. The phone line should also be found in a certain place above the tree.

Poverty is still a major issue here.

sk captain
SK Kapitangan teacher’s weekly routine of walking for an hour before arriving at school [in 2014]

Most mothers wait for their children until the school session is over

Sabah interior school teacher

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