The NET hybrid event brings together leading experts in Communication

The first rotating round table arrives. Moderated by corporate presenter Jordi Nexus. In which the different panelists will rotate to enrich the debate and perspective. It is up to you to draw the conclusions. The event organized by Jonathan Ysaye and Jordi Nexus will be held on the giant chroma set of the production company Hi-End. We will enjoy an immersive virtual environment in which. For the first time. Therefore, the in-person audience will be integrated into the virtual stage. Therefore, we will also have a tech corner led by Jonathan Ysaye. Founder of TechForMICE, with the idea of ​​addressing the technological challenges we face as a sector as well as providing new solutions.

Great panelists and speakers from the world of communication

We will also have Carlos Andreu industry email list Pintado , motivational speaker and trainer to tune us into the attitude necessary to face new challenges. Therefore, great references from historical agencies will participate, such as Ángeles Moreno – Country Manager of AIM Group, Óscar Santiago – Director of MacGuffin and Sonia Doménech – Director of Corporate Communication of Román y Asociados. Therefore, there will be no shortage of talent experts: we will have with us Andrés Ortega, head of talent at McCann, and Pablo González Ruiz de la Torre, founder of TRIVU, who will provide their most strategic vision for us to apply in our events.

Events Talent and Technology

We will also enjoy representatives Mobile List from associations in the sector such as Belén Fierro – Vice President of the EMA (Event Managers Association). Carlos Lorenzo – President of AEVEA (Associated Event Agencies). Luis Gandiaga – Past President of Foro MICE and Óscar García – Member of the Advisory Board of MPI Iberian Chapter . All of them will rotate at the round table. Well mixed and eager to provide vision and solutions to our beloved sector. In the Tech Corner we will enjoy the vision of Antonio Serrano Acitores. CEO of Spacetechies and José Luís Fernández. CEO of evenTwo. The only thing missing is you to be part of this adventure. Secure your place at this REGISTRATION LINK . And discover all the speakers here .

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