The Panorama Here is Truly Captivating

What’s special here?
Each place has its own advantages and disadvantages.

I do not want to elaborate on the shortcomings here. Everyone knows and can expect.

But I want to share what caught my attention here compared to the urban area.

1. Reminds me of childhood memories

Seeing the behavior of the children here always makes me recall my life as a child

school students of sk kapitangan pulau banggi
You can see it as long as there is battery.. hehe
Canteen SK Kapitangan
The atmosphere of the SK Kapitan canteen

I see myself 20 years ago.

I don’t see the same thing in urban areas, everywhere Database nowadays kids live in a world of gadgets.

Children write song lyrics in books, play with poles, bathe in the river in the afternoon and so on, which is what children of the 80s and 90s used to do.2. Less protocol

Here I don’t feel awkward to interact with every parent.

The way of communication does not need to be formal and parents will usually always cooperate very well with the teacher.

Everyone knows each other and cares about each other.

3. Nature’s Paradise

Banggi island woman kudat

The air is very fresh rich with plants, and beautiful scenery is an invaluable asset here


Even the river is clear and still virgin (lack of activity) fishing is one Mobile List of the reasons why I still want to be here.

This is fish paradise bro!

SK Kapitanan teacher
Teacher’s afternoon activity

Banggi Island life
This picture was taken when I was looking for a phone line on a tree, 1.5km away from the school. Although the line is unstable, it is the only option to connect with family
Pulau Banggi Sabah school students
Outreach activities carried out by the school to get to know more closely the problems of students at home.

the old hall
A dilapidated shopping center that has not been repaired.

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