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Another very interesting option to use Amazon FBA to sell products online is to use the Amazon FBA system. The system includes you selling products directly through Amazon rather than in your own online store. The advantage of this approach is that you can use the entire Amazon system and equipment to show your products to the world, and Amazon will be responsible for the entire storage, transportation, return and other systems.

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 All you have to do is send the products to Amazon, which keeps special data them in its warehouses as if they were its own. Pros: You can take full advantage of Amazon’s global potential without having to locate your online store. Amazon handles all logistics. Your product will be seen by hundreds of thousands of Amazon users. Disadvantages: You have no control over the customer. Customers come from Amazon and you will never have access to their data, such as providing them with other products or offers.

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You have to pay Amazon to do all the sales and logistics work for you. If Amazon finds that your product does not meet their standards, they may terminate your account. Web hosting company #5. How to make money through a membership website One way to make money through a website is a Mobile List membership website, which is now on the rise. Member or Member Website(English) means a website where you pay (monthly, year-to-year) to access content that is accessible only to the public.

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