The 5 Types of Sellers That Can Be in Your Sales Team

It is important to understand that a sales professional is not going to fulfill all the characteristics of one of the 5 types of salespeople that Adamson and Dixon established. Typically, it has one or more attributes of each type. The key is to know which profile you share the most characteristics with so that it is the one that defines you the most. Nor should we forget that the study only selected characteristics of those salespeople. Who had good results in short, who did their job well.

The Relationship Builder

They are those who work with great discipline and perseverance. They are always motivated to do their homework Bulgaria B2B List and believe that spending more hours than required. Making as many calls as possible and sending many emails is what will achieve great results. In short, they are people who always give a little more than what is expected of them. In addition, the so-called “hard worker” always tries to comply with the processes established in the sales team, and has little tendency to innovate.

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The lonely wolf

Its most striking characteristic is the great confidence they have in themselves , which makes them get sales very effectively. Unlike the hard worker who defines himself by complying with established processe. The lone wolf bases his steps more on his experience and his instincts above the company rules.

They usually have a leading personality and their predictions are usually correct. Their weak point is JA Phone Number that they are not usually very good at working in a team and in some companies they may not fit in well. Among the 5 types of sellers, this is the most perfectionist .

It is characterized by being attentive to every detail and its maxim is to comply with the established deliveries and generate a good relationship with customers. In short, he tries to do his job as requested so that the objectives of a project are met perfectly.

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