What Are Undecided Customers?

All people doubt when making a purchase. We may not fully trust the vendors, the product, the brand or the service, among other elements. However, undecided customers are those who, despite being interested in a product or service. Systematically hesitate and postpone their purchase decisions indefinitely .

Despite the fact that undecided customers tend to have more doubts about their purchases. When they are made in person (since there is greater interaction and tension). In online sales we can also find this type of consumer. Therefore, if you have an ecommerce or sell through marketplaces, it is also interesting that you know the characteristics of indecisive customers and how to deal with them.

Most common characteristics of undecided customers

There are different profiles of undecided customers (we will talk about them in the next point). But if we analyze their actions and thoughts we can find common elements. That define them and that can help you identify them: They ask very Grenada B2B List specific questions. They tend to ask very specific questions instead of saying the typical. I wanted you to tell me a little about x product/service”.

They need time and space to make the decision. They won’t give you an immediate answer about whether they want to make the purchase or not. They prefer to assess the situation calmly and make the decision when they are 100% sure.

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They do not finish giving their opinion

Even though they listen carefully to everything you are telling them about the product or service. They will never give you an opinion Mobile List about it, despite carefully analyzing everything. You communicate to them. As we have said, indecisive customers can also be found in the digital environment. In this case, we will find more characteristics that define them.

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