closely match the user’s search intent

  • Transactional Intent : Users aim to purchase a product/service. Example: “buy a new Nespresso coffee machine”

Your copy should target keywords that .

Check competitors’ articles for your target keywords

Enter your main keyword into Google’s search bar (or using Semrush’s Keyword Submitter or SEO Content Model) and look at Loan Phone Number List the top 10 search results to determine what those pages have. in common. This is what a good copywriter needs to do in the first place to collect optimization and copywriting ideas from your top competitors.

The Semrush tool makes


it easy to quickly get SEO recommendations for your Mobile List future content using the SEO Content Template. You’ll see how your top 10 competitors use your target keywords in the article, what semantically related words they’re likely to include, which sites link to them, their readability score, and their text length.

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