Definition of employee advocacy and its benefits

The sharing of experiences or the transmission of company values, among others. All this leads to an improvement in the reputation of the brand, which makes it much easier to attract professionals in the sector. It also increases productivity , since the teams feel part of the success of the company; and sales, because the audience has a much more positive and professional perception of the brand, which leads them to trust it. When users have valuable information and data, they will have more confidence in that product or service, so that conversion is more likely to occur.

The key role of employee advocacy in marketing

It has been possible to verify that employee advocacy has a key role in marketing and that. In addition, it is a strategy that can be applied Germany B2B List easily. In fact, it is estimated that 98% of employees have at least one social network that they use on a regular basis. Of which 50% already make posts related to the company.

Another relevant fact is that around 80% of people who want to buy a product or service. Take into account the recommendation of a friend or family member. This means that if an employee recommends a product or service. Avery high percentage of his followers will take his opinion into account.

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How can employee advocacy improve your sales?

Greater trust: when people talk about a brand and it is not the brand itself. The trust generated among the public is greater, since the Mobile List experiences and opinions are much more credible. And it is proven that the more trust a company generates, the more likely consumers are to decide to buy a product or service from it. Content of great value: the team that is part of the brand is the one that has the most information. About it and what it offers, as well as about the sector to which it belongs. This allows you to create high-quality content, since they are experts on the subject. 

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