Control the Number of Orders That a Customer

User generates in our e-commerce throughout their entire life cycle and the value of these orders. A high average lifetime value will allow us to invest more in traffic attraction strategies and finance our growth because it gives us the security that we will recover the investment. Customer acquisition cost This metric is achieved by dividing the cost of a specific action by the number of customers we have obtained thanks to it. The key here is that this customer acquisition cost does not exceed the average lifetime value (the metric above) .

We must achieve a balance

In many cases, it is recommended that this acquisition cost be ⅓ of the average value of the lifetime, since in this way we will have guaranteed benefits. However, this figure is somewhat indicative and may vary in each e-commerce, as it will depend on the margins with which each one works.

Revenue by traffic source In this case, for each of the traffic sources that we have already analyzed thanks to the roas metric , we will have Chile B2B List to look at the income that they generate for us. In this way, we can promote those that receive higher income. As a piece of advice, we recommend not relying on just one or two sources of traffic only.

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It is better to diversify in case

For some reason, that source becomes more Mobile List expensive or something happens that causes our income to decrease. Profit margin This metric, which is used to analyze the success of our e-commerce, has a lot to do with the costs at which we sell and the margin we apply.

For example, if my sales are high, but the profit margin is small. The effort we put into each sale may not be entirely profitable. In contrast, it may be the case that, although my sales are moderate, my profit margin is large. Making my business a profitable project. Products or services with better results Knowing this aspect will allow you to enhance. What works best in my product or service offer, but also to identify those things. That are not generating sales to try to see what is the reason and find a solution.

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