Copywriting to Improve Conversion on Amazon: Titles and Bullets

Amazon’s algorithm works in a very different way than, for example, google. Unlike that of this search engine, amazon’s algorithm, called a9, is not designed to meet the user’s search intention, but to sell more. However, like google, amazon takes into account keywords and the content that appears in the product information . When a customer performs a specific search on the platform by entering. A keyword related to the product. The program detects those terms on different product pages and displays them to the user.

Elements of a product page on Amazon

Before delving into the recommendations to implement copywriting on your product pages on Amazon and thus improve their positioning and conversion, it is important that you know the different parts that they contain and that, as a brand, you can edit.

In addition to this, there are many other factors that influence. The position in which a product appears, later we will talk about them Costa Rica B2B List and we will give you the best advice to implement them. Why is it important to appear in the top positions of amazon as a brand? Because, according to the data, 35% of users click on the first options shown by the search engine and very few see the second page.

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Despite these indications

Amazon gives you the option to present your product with a main image and several secondary ones. Make sure all of them are of high Mobile List quality and show the product from different angles. Remember that the main disadvantage of selling online is that the customer does not know exactly what the product is like until they receive it at home. In addition to the copywriting that you implement on the product pages, images are your best ally to combat this problem.

The main thing is that you write your titles and all the content of your product pages thinking especially about the client , and not only about the algorithm, because the most important thing is that users understand the product you are selling.


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