Employee advocacy actions to apply in your marketing strategies

Some of the actions that can be applied in a marketing strategy based on employee advocacy are: Nurturing the customer throughout the sales cycle. This involves creating and posting content. That other team members can share on social media or other channels. In this way there will always be new content related in some way to the brand and what it offers.

The way in which the brand motivates the teams to carry out a strategy of this type can be very varied. Take the example of Starbucks. Which tries to inspire and motivate its employees and has social media guidelines available to everyone. Google, which encourages workers to share their day-to-day in the office on networks.

22 good practices to increase your sales

Without a doubt, this is a very good strategy to increase sales. As long as it is applied in a coherent and studied way, since, as we have Greece B2B List commented. It is not about making publications without meaning, without order and without a clear objective.

Cyber ​​Monday is much more recent, having been celebrated for the first time in 2005 in the United States. It is celebrated on a Monday because at that time many users did not have high-speed internet at home and therefore took the opportunity to do their shopping online at the office.

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Offer the Biggest Discount Possible

We see that at first the idea was to make physical purchases on Black Friday and digital on Cyber ​​Monday. But today this distinction is no Mobile List longer so clear and the offers can last a week or more. But what will happen this year?

Create campaigns focused on sales . On these dates, consumers are predisposed to buy, so take advantage of the momentum with sales conversion campaigns (web or app) and pause the interaction or lead generation campaigns.


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