Essential Metrics to Know the Success of an Ecommerce

There are many metrics when it comes to knowing the evolution of your ecommerce. In this case, we have selected the 20 that we consider most important and that can help you the most. Traffic per device an ecommerce can receive traffic from different devices, but the behavior of the customer in each of them is different. The conversion rate, the number of purchases and the bounce rate, among many other elements, will not be the same.

It is very important to know how ecommerce traffic is

Distributed in our business so that, from there. We can make a comparison and find out which ones are generating the greatest response and, above all. Which Bolivia B2B List ones we should focus more on. To this day, the conversion rate of the computer is usually (as a general rule, although not in all cases). Higher than what we receive by mobile . But that does not mean that the mobile is not important. Since in fact it is the device from which the first visits to the e-commerce are produced, being from where the customer makes the first contact.

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The bounce rate refers

To the number of people who visit our website and leave it without having made any type of interaction. To do this, this metric measures two user actions: the number of pages visited within a Mobile List website and the time spent on them.

It is often believed that when a person spends more than 30 seconds on a website, they no longer form part of the bounce rate, but this is not the case. It does not matter if the user spends 10 minutes reading about a product or service, if he does not visit another page, it will become part of the bounce rate .

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