What is the SPIN method used

The spin method has turned out to be very effective within the sales department, since it allows obtaining information from customers and, especially, their problems, concerns, needs, limitations and dissatisfactions. This leads to being able to present a product or service as a solution.

This type of method can be used in consultative sales , which are those in which the client asks the brand for advice. The most important thing is that the customer does not feel obligated to buy after making a query, so the seller must be very agile in this part and his role will be mainly to identify the problem or real need of the consumer in order to offer him the best solution .

In this type of consultation

Two types of customer needs can be identified: the implicit ones , which is when they are not stated as they are and must be sought through the Albania B2B List comments or problems that are expressed; or the explicit ones , which is when everything is explained and it is already very clear what product or service you need to cover them. It is precisely in the first case that the spin method has proven to have very good results, especially when the salesperson knows very well what type of questions to ask and the correct order of these.

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Advantages of applying

Thanks to the fact that the conversation is not based on a forced script. The relationship between client and brand is much more natural Mobile List and close. Which will make the consumer trust it more. It allows to increase sales . Since it creates a need to solve the problems detected in an urgent way.

In order for a company to benefit from the spin method, it is important that it is applied correctly, since it is not about simply asking questions. But about following a strategy through them. In addition, it must be carefully assessed whether this method is the best option for the brand. Since it also has some disadvantages.

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