How to Improve Your Sales Process With the Nocrm Pipeline Step by Step

The strong point of the noCRM pipeline is that it adapts perfectly to the sales process of each company. Its design is simple and easy to understand, so the learning curve will take you little time. The sales team of your company will be able to know the information of each and at what point it is at the click of a button. And updating your status is just as easy. With the noCRM pipeline, sales professionals will be able to optimize their time and here we explain step by step how to start using it.

Create your first lead

Once you have created your account (with which you have a trial period) leads can be created. Something that is very simple. You Portugal B2B List simply have to click on the “new lead” button. Located on each page of the tool, and fill in the essential information requested. Once entered, select the “create lead” option and in a few seconds your lead will be in the system.

From defining the sales process of your company, to obtaining statistics on your sales or creating labels to organize the information… There are many ways that this pipeline tool offers.

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Set a reminder for the next action

That you never lose sight of a lead, so you will always be offered the possibility that, when creating a new one, you define what will be your Mobile List next action with it. Therefore, in the tab of each lead the option “for today” will appear. In it you can indicate both what you just did with the lead, and what your next action will be. You can also indicate the date on which you want it to appear again to continue with the sales process. To make it disappear from your “for today” tasks, don’t forget to change its status to “standby”.



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