Types of Indecisive Customers

If we analyze the personality of indecisive customers, we can group them into 5 different groups according to their way of acting and the reason for their indecision. As a brand, determining what kind of hesitant customer you are dealing with will be very helpful in knowing how to deal with them and how to convert them into a satisfied customer. This type of indecisive customer usually communicates with the brand’s staff in an incredulous way, doubting the quality or the operation of what you offer. In these cases, it is best to offer them a free trial or a money-back guarantee, in short, to assure them that your offer is risk-free.

Despite the fact

That most purchase decisions are emotional, this type of customer also needs to see their most rational part satisfied . For this, it will be very El Salvador B2B List positive that you inform them about quality studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of what you offer, or that you show them the awards and recognitions that you have obtained as a brand. In addition, success stories can also be a great tool to attract this type of consumer.

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These types of customers

Excuse themselves by stating that it is not the right time to make the purchase or that they do not have time. Using scarcity and urgency Mobile List strategies can come in very handy to convince them, such as setting a countdown in your e-commerce or letting them know that you have few units left.

Using explanatory videos in your online store can speed up the sales process and the person can more quickly understand the characteristics of your products or services. Along the same lines, chatbots can also solve frequent doubts in an agile way and convince these busy customers to end up buying.

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