What It is and the Best Marketing Actions

The purchase cycle is the process that a consumer goes through from the moment. A need arises until it is resolved by purchasing a product or service . In general, the consumer goes through the phases of awareness (identification of the need). Evaluation (investigation and consideration of different ways to solve this need). Decision (the consumer leans towards one solution or another) and purchase (the conversion final).

What is the short buying cycle?

But the big difference between short and long buying cycles is in the duration of this process. In short product cycles, the evaluation and decision The Bahamas B2B List processes are faster . In general, we are talking about products with a lower cost and less impact on the consumer’s life, for example, some shoes. On the contrary, in long purchasing cycles, processes are prolonged due to the impact of decisions, for example, to purchase a computer or b2b software for a company.

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The company or brand

Decides to invest in creating a new product or service. The objective will be for it to respond to a market need and end up reporting benefits at the end of the sales cycle. Sale in physical or digital store. The product or service has been created Mobile List and has passed all the internal. Legal tests to go on the market. It can be put up for sale in physical stores. In the digital store of the brand or in third-party e-commerces.

Quick purchase decision by the customer . The consumer is interested in the product or service. Then, you do a quick research comparing different products or reviewing the opinions of other users, you make the purchase decision almost instantly and you include it in the basket to close the purchase.

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